Avoiding the Hazards of Potato Cake Quality Defects

Avoiding the Hazards of Potato Cake Quality Defects

There are a multitude of potato-cake manufacturers and frozen food suppliers who call their potato cakes the best in Australia, but for some, their claims are flawed. Questions must be raised about how they can achieve consistently high quality if they are unable to control the quality of the key raw ingredient — THE POTATO.

There is a large array of different varieties of potatoes, each with its own density, sugar level and cooking properties. The raw potato is highly temperamental to cooking defects if it is not treated with the utmost care.

Here at Mountain Harvest Foods, we are the only potato-cake manufacturer who uses 100% natural slices of potato, grown on our own family farm. In contrast, other frozen food suppliers have to use reconstituted potato or rely on external potato growers to grow, store and deliver their vital key ingredient. Amongst a variety of issues, this undoubtedly is the cause of inconsistencies and quality defects which torments businesses and consumers alike, causing undue stress, embarrassment and money.

Indeed, recent news of a Richmond fan who posted discoloured potato cakes on social media has captured the Australian food industry’s attention. According to the Herald Sun, Sharon Humphries ordered potato cakes from one of the MCG caterers when she later found that two were unusually darkened and were “inedible.” “They were burnt outside and black inside. I didn’t know how dodgy they were until I opened them,” Ms. Humphries was quoted as saying.

We at Mountain Harvest Foods acknowledge that producing great potato cakes is very difficult. Whilst growing our own potatoes is the secret to our success, it is also our stringent quality procedures and attention to detail.

We go above and beyond the global food safety standards, to ensure that Australian businesses and consumers have confidence in what they are buying, every time. Our quality procedures start from the time we select the seed for planting and do not end, until they are delivered to our customers.

As long as foodservice distribution companies accept frozen food suppliers who lack the ability to control the key ingredient of their product and also lack necessary quality control procedures, Ms. Humphries’ experience will unfortunately repeatedly occur to the Australian Consumer.

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